Chupa Chups "Chocolate Vanilla Flavour"

Chupa Chups

To me Chupa Chups revolutionized lollipops back in the 1990s. They weren't the first people to give lollipops crazy flavours, but they were the first big company to experiment with lollipop flavours, and make uncommon flavours the norm. Most importantly for me, they experimented with non-fruit flavoured lollipops. It's easy to experiment with flavours, the real trick is to make those flavours work as well. Chupa Chups did this, and allowed you to sample something unique without having to buy an expensive hand made lollipop. I would say that Chupa Chups opened my mind to what a lollipop could be.

So that happened a long time ago, what can I say about Chupa Chups today. As a flavour and quality go, my opinion hasn't really changed that much at all. This chocolate vanilla flavoured lollipop was the first flavour of Chupa Chups that really blew me away back then. Today it's not as shocking a flavour, since more companies are around doing similar things, however it still holds up in quality of flavour. I guess you could look at it two ways, you could say that Chupa Chups is just sticking with what works, or you could say that they're lacking innovation. I'd say as a company I think Chupa Chups is falling behind a little, but as far as this flavour goes, I'm glad they haven't changed it.

This lollipop might not blow away kids today. Many might think that it's just a chocolate and vanilla lollipop, no big deal. However, for older folks this lollipop brings back memories, the memories are still there, and so is the flavour I loved.

Suck Time : 15 minutes