Chupa Chups Jellies "Daisies"


It's really hard to write a scathing review of a candy, when technically they've done nothing wrong. While finding something "wrong" with these gummies is pretty difficult, I didn't really enjoy eating them at all. Part of the problem I have with these (and other gummies that Chupa Chups have produced) is that I expect a great deal of creativity from one of the most innovative lollipop companies in the world, and I have yet to see anything amazing outside of their lollipop franchise.

I'll start with what I like about these gummies. They were very soft; the texture of these gummies was perfect. Soft, but not too soft, your teeth just sink into them perfectly. The strength of the flavours was also OK as well. The minute I opened the bag, and even after the last bite, my olfactory senses were filled with fruity flavours and smells.

The part I didn't like about these is a little more complicated. While the amount of flavour and scent was fine, the quality was not. It's not that these tasted bad, the fruity taste was OK, I was just really disappointed about the lack of difference in flavour. When it comes to multicolored gummies, I expect each colour to have unique and distinguishable flavours, and these just didn't cut it. They did each taste a little different, but not different enough. Had I not seen the colours of each gummy, I wouldn't have been able to identify each fruity flavour at all. So, while there was a strong flavour, each flavour was boring, and didn't seem to work with its intended fruit.

I was also a little confused about the shape of these gummies. Chupa Chup has produced a gummy lollipop in the past (it wasn't great), but I can't figure out what these "daisies" shapes had to do with this famous lollipop company. Other than the Chupa Chups name, these had nothing in common with the Chupa Chups brand. For the most part these were just confusing, and boring gummies. Sure, they tasted fine, but they could have been awesome.