Taste-T-Picks "Cinnamon Toothpicks"


The first thing you're going to tell me is that this is not a candy. I'm inclined to agree with you except for some context I feel I should explain. The main reason I've decided to review these toothpicks is because I was asked to review them. I gave it some thought when I got them, and I contemplated if these could really qualify as a candy. After some thought, I think they can.

First of all, the only place I've ever seen these for sale is at candy stores. In just about every candy store I've been to in North America, and on many candy websites, these cinnamon toothpicks can be found. Secondly, there are many "candies" out there that you don't actually consume, wax lips and bubble gum just to name two. Finally, these things are kind of fun to “consume”, as is most candy out there, so I figured that writing a review seems fairly appropriate.

So, what can I say about these Taste-T-Picks, other than they taste like cinnamon? The thing is, they taste like fake cinnamon, more than the spice. It made me wonder if these contain any sugar, or they're just "Natural Oil of Cinnamon". They are a little spicy, but not too bad. The spicy flavour sneaks up on you and really sits on your lips if you hold one of these in your mouth for a few minutes. I really don’t understand why cinnamon and spicy have merged together, but this candy is most certainly both.

As for the quality of toothpick, it was strong and pointy. The problem I came across most of all with the design is the fact that my fingers got pretty covered in cinnamon flavour while hanging onto these. In fact, these Taste-T-Picks smelled so strong that my entire apartment smells of cinnamon. I would almost say that these work as an air freshener as well as a thing to remove bits from your teeth.