The Unbelievably Good Egg

Cocoa West

If I had to give a score in the category of most creative name for a single chocolate, I think this treat would win. I think the only worry is that with a name like "The Unbelievably Good Egg" my expectations are pretty high. The name also doesn't give any indication as to what might actually be in the box either, but that could be a good thing since surprises are also "good". There are several things that make me think that this chocolate might live up to its expectation, one is that it's from a small chocolate company, and the other is the fact that it comes with an expiration date.

Wow, I really can't place this egg at all. It seems to be covered in nuts, most likely almonds, but the flavour is really strange. Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad, but I just can't place it. There may be some kind of fruity flavour in this chocolate as well, although I don't think it's a fruity centre. I think that the chocolate holds this slight fruity flavour. The centre is some kind of caramel, and it's unfortunately the biggest disappointment in this chocolate.

The strong almost fruity chocolate flavour really hides the caramel flavour. I think I would have preferred a stronger caramel, something a little more burnt, to help it balance with the fruity chocolate. As it is, I get a really strong fruity chocolate flavour with a soft centre. It's a good chocolate, smooth and nice, but a little one sided in the flavour. Is it “Unbelievably Good”, maybe not, but it’s also not bad either.