Coffee Crisp "Thins"


I had a question before I even opened up this package of Coffee Crisp Thins. I was wondering why Nestle decided to make a thin version of the Coffee Crisp bar. My first instinct was that they were making this version in order to market something that might be better for you. Portion control is a great way to eat less sugar, by literally eating less sugar. Some candy companies have decided that making smaller packages of candy makes it easier to eat less. I'm sure this doesn't work for everyone, but I have heard some people who love small sizes. Sometimes when candy companies make smaller packages of candy, they actually change the candy as well. It could be something simple like putting fewer M&Ms in a bag, or only putting half a Hershey bar in each package. Then sometimes, when the treat is a little more complicated, candy brands will do something like make their treat thinner. So, marketing towards portion control could be the reason Nestle went with a thin Coffee Crisp, but it could also be something else.

It's possible that Nestle wanted to make a variation of their bar. They may have wanted to make it different, without changing the ingredients, but instead changing the amount of each ingredient. This is also a trend I see in candy, and sometimes it works. The problem you get with these kinds of treats, is the same problem one can get with any different variety of a classic candy, sometimes the treat ceases to be the original candy anymore. This is exactly what has happened with these Coffee Crisp Thins. The unique quality of a Coffee Crisp is a thick layer of coffee flavoured cream between the wafers. The main change they made with this thin version is to decrease the amount of this cream while still leaving the wafers and chocolate.

What you're left with is bar that is mostly wafer, with a slight hint of coffee cream. The chocolate on a Coffee Crisp has never been that thick, so it never added much and still doesn’t. But the lack of cream changes this bar entirely and I would argue that this crosses the line (just barely) and is no longer a Coffee Crisp at all.

I guess if you're not a big fan of coffee, but you still want a slight hint, then this is an improvement. I feel like taking this strong coffee flavour away just turns the Coffee Crisp into an average wafer bar. If you want something special, with a wafer, but with no coffee, just get a Kit Kat.