Hi-Chew "Cola"


With most Japanese threat that I encounter the look and style is just as important as the taste. In some cases, I would say that looks are even more important, but that's based on my opinion. For the first time that I can ever remember, these Hi Chew Cola treats demonstrate a Japanese candy that's actually really ugly. Under this colourful wrapper are brown drab coloured, squishy cubes. It's not that they're not pretty; they're down right ugly.

Fortunately, the flavour and texture doesn't match the look of these cubes at all. The cola flavour is subtle and not overly sweet. The texture is very soft with a slight rubbery feel. When your teeth first sink into this treat you're expecting it to be a lot harder to get through, but it gives way fairly easily. The flavour could have been improved with an added fizzy texture, but it's not ruined without it.

For an ugly little square it delivers a nice smooth and subtle cola flavour. It's nothing ground breaking by any stretch, but it's a fine chewy treat.