Cookies & Cream Slab


Sometimes when you're eating a treat there can be one thing wrong and it can really tarnish the whole experience. This bar is a prime example of that. The ingredients of this bar are very high quality, the chocolate is smooth and the cookie is crunchy. It's not an overly original bar, but it's also not run of the mill either, cookie bits in milk chocolate with a white chocolate swirl is an impressive treat to see. Where this bar falls short is ratio, and this bar falls very short in that department.

You'd expect that every single bite of this bar would have a little chocolate and a little cookie, but you'd then be very disappointed. All of the cookie bits were sitting in the center of the bar, and the outside was completely devoid of cookie crunch. You might also expect that the white chocolate would run deep and throughout most of the bar. Once again you'd be disappointed since the white chocolate was so thin it was almost painted on the top of the bar, and it only covered a small portion.

I really can't say that this bar tasted bad, it's actually a really tasty bar. It just doesn't deliver on the white chocolate and cookie bits the way you would hope a bar of this quality would.