Candy Corn


Candy corns are a Halloween perennial. They’re so tied to the holiday that you can pretty regularly buy decorations featuring this candy. My question is this, who thought of these things? Where did they come from? Candy Corn, if these things weren't such a classic candy, I think that they would fall under the category of, what the? I can kind of see how they might tie in with Thanksgiving, or fall harvest, but I’m not really sure either of those holidays needs a candy.

As a treat these candies are okay. Some people really hate them, but I don’t mind them that much. I don’t think I’d ever go out and buy a bag to enjoy, but if you put a bowl of them in front of me, I’d probably take one. I’d also be Ok if you used them to decorate a cupcake or something like that as well. The idea of eating a whole lot of these however seems like it might get a little tired.

I’m not really sure how these candies fit in the spectrum of Halloween, but they seem to be really attached to the holiday. As for eating them, I get sick of them pretty quick, but for the most part a handful of them is not a bad snack.