August 2022

Cow Tales "Caramel Brownie"


I’m a little confused about the word “brownie” used to describe this treat. Similar to the word “fudge”, the word “brownie” is often misused in my opinion. Both of these words can sometimes be used to simply describe something that is rich and chocolate tasting. It’s almost to the point where these words are not longer associated with the dense chocolate baked treat and the melted butter and sugar treat. I’m not sure how I feel about that, and I think that my brain still assumes that I’m going to be getting these treats when I see them on a package. While the back of my mind was expecting a brownie, I think I knew better.

Obviously there is not densely baked chocolate cake in this treat. It’s more like a chocolate flavoured caramel with a chocolate cream in the centre. As soon as my brain got over the fact that I was not getting a piece of densely baked chocolate cake I was pretty happy to eat this. The chocolate flavour is very bold, both from the chocolate cream and the chocolate flavoured caramel. Even before my first bite I could smell chocolate, and after the first bite I was not disappointed.

I was also very happy with the texture, it was very soft, but just hard enough to give me a little satisfaction when I bit down. The cream also offered another texture, but after a few chews it all kind of blended into one texture.

In the past I’ve been disappointed by the strength of the flavour of Cow Tales, but this one did not disappoint at all. I also got a lot less powder on the outside of this particular Cow Tale than I have in the past. While it stuck to the package a little, it was well worth a couple of seconds of peeling to avoid a massive amount of powder that I’ve found before on Cow Tales.