Cow Tales "Chocolate"


Who says that the Candy Critic bows to pressure, who says that if pushed the Candy Critic won't push back? The Candy Critic does! Yup, I'm pretty easy to push around, all it really takes to get me to do a review is one harsh e-mail. Actually, it doesn't even have to be harsh, a friendly email works too. I feel bad if I leave out someone’s favorite snack, so when asked I will review any treat if I can. That leads me to Cow Tales, a few years ago I had no idea these treats even existed and here I am writing up a review right now. All it took was a bit of pressure from a few readers.

Who could blame me, they're little, they don't really sell them in Canada, and the name makes them sound horrible (something about eating a cows tale seems a bit odd). Well I can change my opinion on at least one of those accusations because these treats are pretty good and not horrible at all; in fact, I'd go so far as to say they're pretty darn good. It's like what you would want a Tootsie Roll to feel like, nice and soft and easy on the jaw. Also, they're pretty chocolaty too. You can't forget the centre bit with some kind of white cream that really adds to this treat and gives it complexity. Look at me it's like I'm reviewing wine, only on this site will you hear the word "complexity" when describing chocolate taffy.

I'd say if you've never tried one to go pick one up, they may freak you out a little at first, but who knows you may become a fan.