December 2023

Cream Puff "Strawberry Cream"


The word “cream” is in the name of this treat twice, and it makes sense. It makes sense because the cream is by far and away the best part of this treat. It’s not only the cream though, the strawberry part is also really great. Both of these components balanced together really well. They also both tasted very authentic. The cream tasted like cream, and not an overly processed or like overly sweet icing. The strawberries tasted like real strawberries, and not just strawberry flavouring.

The pastry part of this treat was fine, but it didn’t compare to the cream. The first flaw was the texture, very chewy and not that flaky at all. Flavour wise it was fairly bland. The pastry would have tasted much better if it had a buttery flavour. I feel like it would have balanced much better with the rich strawberry cream. The puff pastry is really just a delivery tool for the cream.

While the pastry was a bit of a disappointment, the cream is so good that it makes these well worth trying. Complaining about the puff pastry in this case is like complaining about the lack of flavour of the candy shell from an M&M. It only makes this treat easier to eat, and fortunately doesn’t take anything away from the star of the show. The good news is there’s plenty of cream for you to enjoy, and you will.