Creme Savers "Strawberries and Creme"

Life Savers

For this review, I'm going to cut right to the chase. No paragraph of babbling for me, because these things are what you just might call "tasty".

To start this review on the right foot, I guess I should comment on the texture. This whole bag of Creme Savers has been particularly pleasant, because they appear to be rather fresh. I'm not sure how long it takes for them to go bad, but this bag is nowhere near that stage. I can't tell you what a dream it was to bite into them... well actually, I guess I can, and I guess I just did.

The cool thing about the flavour of these is not the strawberry or the cream (not that either was bad); the cool thing was the salty flavour. Just like saltwater taffy, these start you off with a bit of a salty zip and then ease into the creamy and fruity bits. Now that's a candy with guts. I've tried many a taffy candy: sour, sweet... well that's about it, really. Although saltwater taffy is a classic treat all over the place, for some reason most companies choose to ignore the salty aspect of it in other taffies. Not these bad boys.

It's great to have a treat that has layers, particularly when you’re playing with one my favourite candy combinations, sweet and salty.