Crunky Crunchy Wonder! "Mix Crispy"


I really liked the concept of this bar. I like the idea of having a whole bunch of classic crunchy candy bar fillings in one bar. The concept was spot on, the execution however was a bit of a failure. I imagine that the people at Lotte probably thought that it would be easy to blend together all of these ingredients and cover it chocolate, but to make this bar work it takes more than just throwing the ingredients together, there has to be some finesse as well.

There are really three problems with this Crunky Crunchy Wonder “Mix Crispy”. The first problem is the size of the various ingredients. For the most party I found them to be too small. I could barely tell what I was biting into, and it all just felt like a random crunchy material. Each ingredient needs to be a specific size to work and I think in particular the pretzel and the peanuts were way too small. The next problem is the ratio of ingredients. It feels like each ingredient is represented equally, and I don’t think that works. You need the peanut and pretzels to be the dominant ingredients in this bar. The cookie blends with the chocolate a little better and therefore doesn’t have to be so well represented. Even more, the amount of chocolate should have been cut in half in order to let the crunch ingredients shine. The final problem is the quality of the chocolate. It was fairly flavourless and had a very waxy texture about it. I think a higher quality chocolate would have worked so much better in this bar.

When I bit into the bar I felt a slight texture of the cookies, and occasionally a bit of pretzel. I didn’t taste of feel any nuts in this bar at all. I’m not saying there weren’t any nuts, but they basically disappeared. There was also a lack of savoury in this bar, that should have come from the salt on the pretzels. Occasionally I’d get a hint of salt, but it came and went depending on how much pretzel was in each bite. If you really wanted to make this bar shine, salty peanuts would have also worked.

I like the concept of this bar, I just wish they pulled it off a lot better.