Crush Rainbow


If you like the soda you'll love the candy. There is a long tradition of making soda flavoured candies. For the most part it works, after all soda is pretty much candy in liquid form anyways. That isn’t to say that making soda flavoured candies works every time though. In some cases, if a candy is soda flavoured but doesn’t have a texture that works with it, there can be some serious problems. A bad texture can make a soda flavoured candy taste like a flat soda flavoured candy, and no one like flat soda.

These soda gummies however taste great and they're covered with a perfect mix of sugar and a sour powder. The powders on the outside give these a fake soda texture. It’s as if the sugar and sour are creating a fake fizz. The sour is also nice because it works the same way a little lemon works in most sodas. If you find something too sweet, a little sour always cut that back, and that’s just what’s going on here.

I only wish that they could make more flavors. There are lots of soda flavours out there in the world but these only come with cream soda, grape, and orange. I’m thinking a cola, root beer or lemon lime (like Sprite) flavoured gummy added to this mix would have taken it over the edge and made it even better.