Aphrodite Delight "Assorted"

Aphrodite Delight

What ever you do, don't call this stuff "Turkish" delight. This is in fact Cyprus delight, as you may have guessed it got this name because it wasn't made in Turkey, but Cyprus instead. So, does that mean that it's particularly different than Turkish delight? Well I guess I just have to taste it to find out. Although my expertise on Turkish delight is a little limited and unless it's hugely different, I may not spot anything in particular.

For those, particularly in North America, that have never had any of the "Delight" treats made in the Mediterranean I'd have to tell you that you're missing out. This treat is a good example of why you might be missing out. The texture of real "Delight" is not what you'd expect, and it is absolutely spectacular. If I had to compare it to something, I'd say it's kind of like a gummy or a jelly, but denser and not as sticky. It melts when your teeth hit it, and the flavour explodes in your mouth as you bite down.

Now here's the problem with these particular delights, the flavour. I've had delights in the past and I often find that because of the delicate texture a delicate flavour is often a great accompaniment. These, on the other hand have super strong flavours that frankly kill the smooth texture a little. The package says that it is made with natural ingredients, but these taste kind of fake to me. The rose flavour tasted like an overpowering perfume and not like the subtle flavour you get from a light dose of rose water.