D'aim "Rocks"


Many years back I did a review of D’aim, it was just a chocolate treat I found in IKEA, it was tasty and kind of like a Skor bar. Today I now know that D’aim is the candy pride of Sweden, the reason they're available at IKEA I'm sure. I've also learned that D’aim is available in many different varieties, and that it's pronounced D-ime, and not D-ame. With a treat like this, varieties can be tricky, it's difficult to keep the spirit of the original treat while still creating something new. Although I can assure you that D’aim is going to push that envelope.

These D’aim Rocks however manage to make something new while keeping the spirit of the original almost perfectly. The D’aim treats that I had tried in the past were little nuggets of crunchy toffee, with a slightly nutty flavour. These on the other hand had larger mounds of chocolate with little broken bits of the same nutty toffee. It may not seem like much of a difference, but it is.

For one thing the amount of chocolate in these is much higher than the other D’aim treats that I’ve had in the past. It makes a big difference because the flavour and texture of the toffee can be very overwhelming with the other D’aim treats. Not that the others had too much of an overwhelming toffee flavour, these however are just a little more chocolaty.

I guess I would suggest that if you love crunchy toffee, you might want to go for the little bites, but if you like chocolate more, than these D’aim Rocks will be right up your alley.