If little bits of chocolate-covered "Skor" bar are what you love, then these are the treats for you. According to the package they're even "more Daimtastic!". What that really means I'm not sure, but since they’re not too bad I can only assume it’s a good thing.

I like the fact that they are kind of small, each one is less than a single bite. I was expecting larger pieces like half chocolate bars, but most of them are smaller than your average chocolate-covered raisin. Most, in fact, were half the size of a chocolate raisin. This created a nice balance with the chocolate and crunchy middle bits that worked just right.

Speaking of chocolate, that wasn't too bad either, nice and smooth, decent quality too. It’s the kind of quality you would expect from a bar in Europe, and it’s nice to know that the people of Sweden are keeping this tradition alive.

I really liked the small size of these chocolate pieces; it’s was a surprise and a really good one. It not only improved the treat, but it allows you to use these D’aim pieces for other things. Sure, you can just eat them, but you could also bake them into a cookie, or cover a cake in them. I'm not sure if you'll ever see these around everywhere but if you get the chance, I suggest you give them a try.