Dairy Milk "Caramello"


OK Cadbury, I have a question for you, why so many caramel bars? More to the point, why so many caramel bars that are (almost) exactly the same, but with different names. Was this a plan to fool any candy reviewers out there, to try and get us to give each one of these bars a completely different review, then you'd call us out and say, "fooled you, they're all exactly the same bar"? There are only two differences between this bar, a Dairy Milk with Caramel, a Caramello bar and a Caramilk bar, and that's the name on the package, and the place where they were made. This was made in Australia, the Dairy Milk with Caramel and Caramello bar was made in Europe (UK maybe), and the Caramilk I reviewed was made in Canada. Even more peculiar is the fact that the Dairy Milk with Caramel has almost an identical package.

What I'm saying here is that Cadbury seems to be making the exact same bar, over and over again, but they're giving it a different name each time. The thing I don't like about eating the same bar over and over again is that it gets a little repetitive. The good thing about eating this bar over and over again is that it's a really good bar. Cadbury has pretty much mastered the caramel filled chocolate bar, I guess they've had lots of practice. The caramel to chocolate ratio is perfect, and the quality of the ingredients is also very high. I've said this many times before, but Cadbury is one (if not the) highest quality mass produced chocolate bar manufacturer in the world.

This is a very good bar, and if you see one, I highly recommend you get it. Some adventurous people might find it a little bit boring. It's nothing revolutionary, and nothing that anybody who's reading a website dedicated to candy hasn't tried before. I feel like I've reviewed this bar before, several times, but I really didn't mind eating it again. If I manage to find yet another Cadbury bar filled with caramel, I might just have to copy and past this review, since I'm running out of material to describe this same bar.