Dairy Milk "Australian"


Over the years I've said many times that I consider Cadbury to be one of (if not the) best quality mass produced chocolate in the world. Since this is the case, the Dairy Milk “Chocolate” bar is the best example of this fine chocolate. Of all the bars that Cadbury produces, this Dairy Milk “Chocolate” bar is the purest example of this very fine quality chocolate. Cadbury makes many other chocolate bars (even in the Dairy Milk line), but all of them have other ingredients in them, like nuts, popping candy, or any many other additions. This bar on the other hand is just milk chocolate.

What that means is that there's nowhere to hide, nothing to cover up poor quality chocolate. What that also means is if you make a great quality chocolate bar, the flavours and textures of this bar will sing. This bar sings, and sings very well. This chocolate bar is pure joy to eat, from a taste and texture standpoint it's flawless. It's got a smooth creamy chocolate flavour, but you can still taste the cocoa. The texture melts perfectly, in fact this is the bar that all chocolate should be measured when it comes to melting. It leaves a slight film on your fingers when you hold the bar, and melts into almost nothing when you put it in your mouth. You can choose to either give it a quick bite, or let it melt on your tongue.

If I was to find a fault with this bar it would be that it's not really original. It's such a minor fault that I feel bad for taking off any points at all for novelty (but I am). If you're a candy fan, you must try one of these bars. You must try it in a quiet place, without distraction, so you can take in every part of this bar. This will tell you what that best mass-produced chocolate bar should taste, smell, and feel like.