Dairy Milk "Honeycomb & Nuts"


I’m noticing a sad trend in Dairy Milk chocolate bars lately. Fortunately, this trend has not affected the quality of the chocolate that you often find in a Dairy Milk bar. I would say that if the chocolate was to ever to fall below the high quality that you generally expect in Dairy Milk, I’d call it the end of an era. The problem with Dairy Milk lately has been the ratio of secondary ingredients. The quality of these ingredients seems pretty good, as in this bar the nuts and honey comb were fine. The problem is there just wasn’t enough of these ingredients to really affect the flavour and texture at all. There were several cubes of chocolate that had virtually no honeycomb or nuts at all, and most of the cubes lacked a good portion of the ingredients.

There was also the problem of distribution throughout the bar. I had several bites with no honeycomb at all, and a few with very little nuts. This problem affected both the texture and the flavour. I would say that I could taste the honeycomb for a few second on one particular bite, and that was all. The nuts were pretty much non-existent flavour wise. Texture wise the nuts and honeycomb gave this bar a little bit of crunch, but they were such small pieces that it almost felt more like a grit than a crunch. If it wasn’t for the high-quality chocolate, I would probably tell you to avoid this bar entirely.

I’m getting a little worried about Dairy Milk, and the fact that they’re not really creating bars that are worthy of the name Diary Milk. I can say that I think this trend has been found mostly in the bars that I’ve bought in Asia, so maybe in other parts of the world this isn’t a problem. It is however a problem none the less. If you’re thinking of buying a Dairy Milk “Honeycomb & Nuts” I would suggest just getting a regular Dairy Milk bar instead.