Dairy Milk "Oreo"


The candy world is a place that defies common math. Normally when you add two positives you get a positive, but that's just not always true in the candy business. Take for example this Dairy Milk Oreo bar. Dairy Milk is in my opinion one of the best mass-produced chocolate bars in the world. The chocolate is smooth, it's very tasty, and it melts just perfectly in your mouth. Oreo is probably the most famous cookie brand in the world, and for good reason. They produce a fine chocolate cookie with icing in the middle that is so very smooth.

You'd think that there would be no way to ruin any kind of partnership with these two brands, but then you'd be wrong. The Dairy Milk Oreo bar is a bar that really wastes my time. The biggest problem I had with this bar is taste, or the lack of it. The Dairy Milk chocolate was so thin that it really didn't affect the flavour at all. The Oreo crumble was so doused in white chocolate that you didn't get the balance of cream to cookie. What you're left with is an average white chocolate bar with a thin coating of milk chocolate and some random crumbly bits mixed in. To really enjoy this bar you need far more cookie bits, or even full cookies, and as much dairy milk chocolate as possible.

I haven't lost faith in either of these brands because of this; I'd even try again if they worked together in the future. This was just a step in the wrong direction, that can be easily fixed.