December 2023






Dairy Milk "Winter Wonderland"


With a name like “Winter Wonderland” there’s lots of directions this Dairy Milk bar could go. It’s vague enough that you’re not expecting something specific, but festive enough that your imagination starts to implant some possibilities. The name begs the question, what does a winter wonderland taste like, and how can you represent it in chocolate bar form. The other plus this bar has going for it is that it’s a Dairy Milk bar. Cadbury, the makers of Dairy Milk have a great reputation for their chocolate. They’ve even created some fun flavours in the past that are very unique. There was so much going for this bar, unfortunately it was a little disappointing.

Don’t get me wrong, the chocolate in this bar is excellent. I would safely say that Dairy Milk UK produces some of the highest quality mass produced chocolate in the world, and this bar fits well into that category. The problem with this bar come from the fact that it’s really just a regular Dairy Milk bar with a few minor changes that don’t really effect the taste and texture that much. Probably the only thing that might effect the flavour is the white chocolate. The problem is that there is so little white chocolate, it doesn’t really make that much of a difference to the milk chocolate.

Probably the most “fun” feature of this bar is the way that you break it apart. Instead of your common squares you have triangles with tree designs. I did enjoy this feature, but I have a hard time thinking that this bar deserves the name “wonderland” because they made the squares triangles. I was hoping that the cool new design of the squares was only the small detail that made this bar even more festive. Instead it’s really the only festive thing about this bar.

Again, this bar tasted fantastic, and the quality of the Dairy Milk chocolate still holds true. I just feel like they’re decorating a very simple change in the look of the bar, and packaging it up as more than it actually is. Do I recommend you try this bar, yes, do I recommend it higher than a plain Dairy Milk bar, not in the slightest.