February 2024

Dentyne Splash "Strawberry with Lime Filling"


I’m getting a little tired of candy companies using the word “splash” in the names of their candy when it’s not appropriate. I’ve never had a candy that’s actually given me a “splash”. The only candy that used a wet description like this that was appropriate used the word “squirt. I was actually looking forward to the splash of lime flavour because I don’t think I’ve ever had a lime/strawberry candy before. It’s at the very least an uncommon flavour combination, and I was kind of curious to know if it would work.

I feel like even after chewing this gum, I’m still not really sure if these two flavours work together. The reason is that I’m not sure is the way that the “splash” worked in flavouring this gum. Immediately after biting into the gum you get strawberry, a fairly good strawberry flavour that lasts a pretty long time. As far as being a strawberry gum, I would rank this fairly high. The problem is that the gum kind of promises a splash of lime as well. It’s not to say that there is no lime at all, for a brief second the lime flavour totally dominates and even knocks out the strawberry flavour. The lime flavour unfortunately is very fleeting, and it seems to just die away and the gum goes back to strawberry.

I was really hoping for a strawberry flavoured gum that would suddenly be filled with a lime flavour. I wanted both of these flavours to linger in order to give me a unique flavour combination that I’ve never had before. While the lime is powerful, it’s just doesn’t last long enough and it’s not really a splash. It’s not that the lime had to last as long as the strawberry, but it would have been nice if it lasted more than a few seconds.

It’s a fine strawberry gum, and the lime pop (not a splash really) was nice, but it just wasn’t what I was hoping for.

Chew Time: 30 min