Digestives Nibbles "Milk Chocolate"


There's a certain skill to turning a cookie into a small bit sized snack. Many snack companies attempt this by simply shrinking their treat into a smaller version. Other times cookie companies will change the shape of their treat, this could as complicated as changing their round cookie into a log shape, or in the case of these cookies, changing them into small balls. The trick to making a cookie into a small bite sized treat is to keep the essence of the original cookie, while making it smaller. The key is to get the ratios of all of the ingredients of the new smaller version just right. These Digestive Nibbles get this ratio absolutely spot on.

The advantage that digestive cookies have over other cookies is their simplicity. From a candy engineering standpoint, digestive cookies are very simple. For the most part they're just round, and sometimes coated with a layer of chocolate. A more complicated cookie, like an Oreo, can be much trickier to shrink, while still staying true to the original essence. The difficulty with shrinking these Digestives Nibbles is making sure that the chocolate to cookie ratio is good. I would say that these mini cookie balls have a little more chocolate to cookie compared to the original, but it still works really well. The chocolate does not overpower the cookie texture or flavour at all, both flavours shine and work really well together.

The only true flaw with these Digestives Nibbles is their appearance. They're not really that pretty to look at. McVitie's Digestive cookies are fairly attractive cookies, but these little balls are fairly ugly. In some cases, bits of the cookie centre were even poking out from the chocolate. This didn't ruin the miniature cookie eating experience, but would ruin any kind of fancy presentation, if that's a thing you worry about.

These are some tasty chocolate covered cookie balls. I would be happy to eat them again, and I think they represented their namesake cookie well.