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Seidl Confiserie

I received this box of chocolate from Allison after she took a flight and absolutely loved the chocolates. The nice folks on the plane offered her another box for me, which is very cool. I'm sitting here staring at this box of chocolates and it's come to my attention that this might be the most expensive thing I've ever reviewed. The bonus from this treat is if you buy a box, you'll also get a first business class airline ticket to some far off destination. Let's just see if the price lives up to the taste.

One milk and one white chocolate, that means a two for one review. First the white chocolate, only because I generally don't like white chocolate as much as dark or milk. The chocolate is smooth and I mean really smooth. Not a hint of wax in it at all. The normally kind of crappy white chocolate taste is completely either mixed in or hidden by this awesome subtle hazel nut flavour. As far as white chocolates go this is pretty darn good.

Now onto the milk chocolate, this is the one Allison recommended most. Once again, this chocolate just melts in my mouth, and the centre this time has something a little different. I can't explain it but it's really good. It's kind of nutty but it doesn't really taste like hazel nut, and I'm not sure what it is. All I can say is this is great.

Fine chocolates, really fine chocolates. Candy companies, candy makers, anybody who likes candy really should pay attention. Well worth getting if you don’t mind traveling the world to get it.