Disneyland Paris Mints


Normally when I get a box of mints that are decorated with a movie, cartoon, or any other entertainment theme, I figure that I'm going to be disappointed. The disappointment often comes in the form of round circular mints with no particular relation to the product advertised on the outside. I've been disappointed by this so many times that I no longer review these kinds of mints. That is until now.

These mints are a little different than the regular pill shaped mints that I normally get in these types of metal tins. These mints are shaped like little Mickey Mouses (or Mice I'm not sure of the pluralisation). The best way to describe the shape of these mints, is to compare them to Flintstones vitamins, only Mickey shaped. It's nice to see that Disney has decided that a little detail, like the shape of their mints, is worth dealing with.

The mints themselves are fine, nothing special, but they'll leave your mouth cool and fresh. Strangely enough, the only fault I can find with these is the shape. The little Mickeys are a little thin around the centre, so after about 5 minutes of sucking, mine broke in half. It wasn't a big deal, and I think the novelty of eating a little Mickey Mouse is worth way more than the slight irritation of my candy breaking in two.