July 2023

DIY Donut "Chocolate Cookie"

Chaoan Anbu Town Xiangle Food Factory

One could say that this is a chocolate doughnut, but only if you use your imagination. The box and the name of this treat is very misleading, but only if you actually expected to eat a doughnut. If you expected to eat a cookie with icing and sprinkles than you’d be dead on. Don’t get me wrong, I had doubts that I was going to be getting a doughnut when I bought this treat, but I’ve had cookies that are much more doughnut like in my life. The round cake/cookie portion of this treat was a hard butter cookie.

It’s also worth mentioning that the chocolate portion of this treat is also fairly misleading. The doughnut/cookie was not chocolate flavoured. The rainbow sprinkles that came with it were also not chocolate flavoured. There was a brown icing involved, but frankly it didn’t have much flavour at all. The slightly butter flavour of the cookie dominated everything. I tried to sample a little of the icing on its own and it just tasted like sweet.

While we’re on the subject of the icing, as a DIY project component it was fairly challenging. First of all you will need scissors to open the icing. Secondly, even after massaging the icing for a little while, it still came out rather runny at first and fairly thick near the end. Let’s just say that my doughnut did not look fantastic with the icing. The sprinkles did help a little, and one thing I really appreciated was that they give you lots and lots of sprinkles, because unless you’re placing them on by hand one at a time, you’re going to have more sprinkles on your plate than your doughnut (added piece of advice, construct your doughnut on a plate).

While I did have an okay time constructing my doughnut, the taste and texture was not fantastic. The main flavour was that of the cookie, and it was basically only okay as cookies go. The icing was flavourless and the sprinkles had a slightly odd sugary flavour. I wouldn’t say that this was a complete disaster, but I can’t say that it’s the best DIY candy treat I’ve ever had either.