April 2024

DMZ Chocolate "Korean Premium Soybeans"


These chocolate covered beans are a little bit complicated. The DMZ that they’re referring to is the boarder between north and south Korea. It’s not a line as most people imagine, but a wide space that separates the two parts of the country that once was Korea. Between north and south Korea there is a swath of land where people actually live. Some of these people are North Koreans and some are South Koreans. I could explain more, but it would take up the whole review, and I’m not really an expert on the subject. In this DMZ there happens to be farms, and on these farms (at least on the Southern side) they’re very famous for their rice and beans. Apparently these beans are very popular among all South Koreans, and apparently they taste great covered in chocolate. This is where this review fits in.

What we have here is a bag of crunchy little soybeans covered in white chocolate, and they’re actually pretty good. I’m no expert on good or bad soybeans, but these seem to balance fairly well with the white chocolate in both taste and texture. Often with this kind of treat you find that there’s either too much or too little chocolate, but these have no such problem. The earthy flavour of the beans blended surprisingly well with this sweet chocolate.

The texture also balanced really well. The soft chocolate gives way to a nice crunchy bean. The bean texture is also unique, it’s a little harder than a peanut but still satisfying to bite into. It works if you’re just eating one, or if you pop a few in your mouth.

After a few, the bean flavour does grow, how you feel about that depends on how you feel about eating beans. I’m a fairly big fan of beans, but I do find on their own the flavour can get a little musty. Fortunately the chocolate does slow that process down, but I think I would have been happier just eating a few handfuls as opposed to the whole bag.