Doritos "Nacho Cheese"


This is probably the hardest review that I've written in a very long time. It's hard because Doritos Nacho Cheese are not just a cheese-flavoured chip to me, they're a snack filled with memories. In order to write this review, I either have to write you a story of my childhood, or try and separate my entire life's history in order to taste these chips objectively. Separating yourself from something that's been in your life since the moment you can remember is not an easy feat. I've been eating nacho cheese Doritos for as long as I can remember.

I guess it's safe to say that I like them. I have a rule that I try and live by, never eat the same snack twice, with a few exceptions. Doritos Nacho Cheese fall firmly in the "few exceptions" category. When I travel and I'm looking for a little taste of home, a bag of Doritos will often do the job. When I want to curl up at home and just flake out in front of the TV, Doritos will do the job. It's really an all-purpose snack for me, but I do realize that it's because I've been eating these forever (or at least throughout my entire memory).

So, it raises the question, are these objectively good? I think the quality of the corn chip, and the spicing is good. I've never had a bad Doritos chip before, always crunchy, and the corn chip flavour always sticks out just a bit behind the cheese flavour. The slight spicing of the Doritos nacho cheese has the slightest kick, but will never burn your mouth out. You might even call it a spiced flavour, as opposed to a spicy flavour. I like this since I'm not a big fan of spicy foods. The only thing that one might objectively complain about would be the cheese, it's not the same as eating a plate of nachos with cheese melted on it. Doritos nacho cheese is an unrealistic (both in flavour and in colour) cheese flavour, like Tang. Although it doesn't taste like real cheese, it's still very tasty.

If you've never tried Doritos Nacho Cheese, I can't really tell you if you'll like them or not. If you want to learn about my love of snacks, and where it came from, these will however give you an idea.