Dots "Candy Corn"


So here’s the idea, take a treat that few people like (candy corn) and combine it with a treat that many people like (Dots). That’s pretty much what I figure went through the head of the creators of these Candy Corn Dots. The good news for them is I happen to be one of the few people that really like candy corn. The even better news is they hit the flavour dead on. This would be the perfect treat for those that think candy corn has no particular flavour. That’s a common complaint I hear from people about this treat.

As usual the Dots gumdrops are super sticky and all over my teeth as I write this. In fact, my “F” key is now kind of sticky because I just had my finger in my mouth trying to discreetly pick some of the gumdrop residue off. I really should stop writing reviews in public places. This has nothing to do with this review but you know what would be great, if the folks at Tootsie made a Dot that was tooth coloured, that way I wouldn’t have to pick them off.

This is a fun idea and a great way to take an existing treat and make it their own. I’m only going to eat a few until I get home and I get pick the goo off my teeth in private, but I assure you I will finish the box.