Some of you may be reading this and saying, finally a Dots review, others don't have a clue what Dots are, me I'm exactly in-between. I seem to remember having seen them around, but I never really stopped to look at them. This was an official Candy Critic overlook. I can't really tell you why either, it could be the package, or the fact that I'm basically expecting Jujubes. Either way this Halloween was the turning point. These little treats came in one of those assorted candy packs and I figured I had no excuse but to give them a try.

Man, they are chewy; they're the kind of chewy that requires a finger and a long nail just to get them off your teeth. I wonder if there's a better method to getting sticky candy off your teeth than my finger. Fortunately right now I'm at home with clean hands so sticking my finger in my mouth and scraping off my teeth is ok, but in public on a less than clean hand day I'd be in trouble. Oh yeah, back to the snack. They're not only chewy, although that is they're main point, they're also kind of fruity.

The fruit flavour is most definitely fake, but it's ok. Sometimes a fake fruit flavour is ok with me and this is truly one of those cases. So I'll just sit here typing with one sticky finger and let you know that they're not bad, if you're looking for something really chewy and a little fruity don't pass them up like I did.