Double Decker


You can have twice the fun with a Double Decker. See what I did there, I made a play on words. It’s actually a little strange of a name because really this bar offers more than just two ingredients. You would assume that a bar called the Double Decker would only have two ingredients. I guess it might work if you’re just thinking about the filling, but there’s also what’s holding this whole bar together.

What you get with the Double Decker is a bar that’s covered in chocolate and is filled a chewy nougat and crunchy cereal. It really is does have a lot of interesting textures and it doesn't taste bad either. The chocolate is good quality smooth and creamy, and melts just a little bit. The cereal is nice and crunchy even though I can't figure out what kind of cereal it is. In fact, the only reason I know it is cereal is because it says so on the package. The nougat is a little over fluffy for my tastes but the flavour is okay and it’s chewy none the less.

This is a bar I might not rush out to get again but it wasn't that bad.