March 2023







Dunkaroos "Vanilla"

Betty Crocker

The one thing I won’t be doing in this review is comparing the original Dunkaroos to the newly released version. I won’t be doing this because before this day, I’d never tasted Dunkaroos. I feel like there’s a whole group of people who consider this a classic retro treat, but it just never really crossed my path. Don’t get me wrong, I’d heard of Dunkaroos back in the day, I’d just never tasted them. I feel like they weren’t available in Canada before, I also feel like it might be a little bit after my childhood and before I started writing about candy. All this to say that I won’t go on a rant about these are not as good or better than the original.

Objectively I can kind of see the appeal of these, but maybe not at the level people are obsessed about these. My biggest problem was one that might have had more to do with how this particular package of Dunkaroos was stored, but I found that the icing was very oily looking. It almost looked like old mayonnaise. I’m sure that’s not supposed to be like that, so I’ll give it a little bit of a pass on that front. Fortunately the flavour was still pretty good and after a bit of stirring it seemed a little less like old mayonnaise.

My second problem with these is the lack of flavour from the cookie. I really enjoyed the unique crunch of the tiny cookies, but the flavour was a little bland for my liking. I feel like the goal of this treat is to give to a bland cookie to celebrate the tasty vanilla icing. I understand that and I did enjoy the powerful vanilla flavour of the icing, I just felt like the cookie could have been a little more short bread flavoured in order to compliment the great vanilla icing. In some ways I feel like the cookie is more of an edible scoop than something the really accompanies the icing.

One thing I really found amazing about these cookies is how well portioned they are. I had just the right amount of icing and cookies. I feel like the texture is also really great. In general I really enjoyed these little crunchy treats, I don’t know if I’d sign a petition to keep them around forever, but I’d be happy to munch on them again in the future.