If nothing else this treat has one thing going for it, cute little lumps. Nothing makes me smile more than cute little lumps, I mean what could they be filled with, and why aren't I eating them right now? Probably because I like to get myself a little worked up before I dig into a treat I’m about to review.

This Duplo bar is good, those little lumps where worth the wait. First of all, it's chocolate, and it is good chocolate (don't get me started about the greatness of European chocolate because it will take up this whole review). The little treat melts in your mouth only to give you a few textural experiences along the way. First of all, there’s a light wafer on the bottom to slow you down. The wafers don't ad anything to the flavour or take anything away either. As you work your way through the little mound on top, you’re greeted by a hazel nut. The good news is that this hazel nut is surrounded by a hazel nut chocolate filling, like Nuttella. The ratio of chocolate to other bits in this bar are great and the various textures of chocolate only add to the other textures.

There's really only one complaint that I have, it needs to be bigger, my mouth is still watering and I only have one mound left.