Ed Hardy "Chocolate Rocks"

Eat Hearty

Now I'm not really a trendy guy at all, at least clothing wise. So, I'm pretty sure the reference to "Ed Hardy" is kind of lost on me. I've seen shirts with his name written on it, I don't own one, but I understand that in some circles they are very popular. I have nothing against these shirts at all; I'm just not that hip. So, when I was presented with a candy also wearing that trendy name, I thought maybe this was my time to be like the cool kids.

The selling point of the candy, beyond the name, is the fact that it contains caffeine. Lots of it from what I can tell, apparently 5 pieces equals one cup of coffee. Seeing as I don't really drink coffee and I've had bad experiences with high doses of caffeine in the past, this can't go well. To be sure that I don't overdose on caffeine I figure I'll limit myself to 5 pieces.

Taste wise these aren't that bad, I would say that they're a dark chocolate treat, with some kind of candy coating. The chocolate isn't the greatest in the world but it's not that bad either. I wish the chocolate flavour were a little stronger, and a lot smoother. I also imagine that the candy coating is there to make sure they don't stick together, but I'd really like to have just the chocolate alone.

My energy level seems to be ok, although with these kinds of treats it's hard to tell unless you eat way too many of them. I guess if I'm looking for a way to get a caffeine kick this would be a great way to do it, particularly if you don't really like coffee.

(Update) About 10 minutes after writing this review my energy level went way up and I spazzed out for about an hour or two.