Edinburgh Rock


It seem as though every single town in the UK has a "rock". Every tourist attraction I've ever visited in the UK seems to offer either their cities rock, or in some cases the specific rock to the attraction. Rock is basically a short form for rock candy, and we could go on forever about where it was actually invented. While most of the time rock candies from the UK, and other places in the world, is the same, this Edinburgh rock is a little different.

The classic rock that I often see in tourist attractions is a long stick of hard candy that has some kind of image or text moulded into the centre. These candies come in various flavours, but most of the time they’re either a strong fruit or minty flavour. This Edinburgh rock on the other hand is made up of small chunks of round candy, and it's not that hard at all. In fact, after leaving it in your mouth for only a few seconds it starts to deteriorate, and in minutes it’s gone. The best candy comparison I could think of is after dinner mints.

Flavour wise there are three flavours present here, orange, mint, and some kind of berry. The flavours are really mild, but I think that it suits the treat really well. With the soft texture a mild taste is really nice. If the flavour was stronger, I don't think you'd appreciate the soft texture so much. I'm a little disappointed with the choice of flavours, I think cinnamon and maybe some kind of spice would have worked better than orange and berry.

While these aren't the greatest candies I've ever eaten, they're OK. A real Scottish person tells me that these are in fact the signature candy of Edinburgh, but I have no historical fact to back it up. I'd say if you're visiting the Edinburgh, it might be nice to pick up a bag, but don't get too much because the flavour doesn't really hold up after the second tasting.