Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cream Sandwich Cookies


I'm starting to think that maybe I should start a new web page called cookie critic. That would be fun, although I don’t' know if I could handle reviewing cookies and candy, I mean I already have enough trouble keeping myself slim as it is. I’d also have a hard time because there are so many different ways to get cookies. You can find them in bakeries, at people’s houses, even at my house occasionally. As long as I’m willing to consider the occasional cookie to be candy, I should be satisfied.

This candy/cookie is what many might called a little decadent. First of all, each cookie is separately wrapped up in a fancy Japanese paper type plastic. Having treats that are individually wrapped in fancy paper/plastic always ups the class level. Each cookie is also covered with not regular chocolate but dark chocolate (this is also why I feel I can justify this as candy). The cookie itself is (like) an Oreo cookie but with peanut butter in the centre instead of the regular cream. I’m not sure if this makes this cookie fancier, but it certainly seemed a little more decadent.

Not only is the description pretty decadent but the flavour is too. I really like the fact that they use dark chocolate because it offsets the sweet of the cookie perfectly. They may not be great for dunking in milk because of the chocolate coating, but man are they fine on their own.