Kiwi Lollipop


Normally when I write a review, I don't include the price I paid for the treat. I often find that price for treats can differ depending on where you get them, and the value of a treat can depend on who's eating it. This treat however deserves a mention as to how expensive it was, about 5 euros (6.50 in US dollars). Now that's one expensive lollipop. While it is a fairly large lollipop about two inches in diameter, it's not gigantic, so you're not really paying for size. I hope this lollipop’s price is all about the quality, and the fact that it's homemade.

I respect the fact that for a homemade lollipop, it looks pretty impressive. Although slightly misshapen, it looks like a detailed slice of kiwi. I am however a little miffed on the quality of the stick, as you can see from the photo; it's been stuck onto the top of a cheap chopstick. It’s the kind of chopstick you get with Chinese takeout food. My next problem with this treat is in the flavour, I'm not 100% convinced that it's actually kiwi flavoured.

This lollipop has a bit more of watermelon flavour than a kiwi. The initial flavour is hard to figure out at first, then the taste goes towards a watermelon, and only the aftertaste has a kiwi tinge to it. It could be that the makers were trying to replicate the flavour of a ripe (and therefore really sweet) kiwi, but it just tastes of watermelon to me. I think to pull off a real kiwi taste you need just a little bit of a tart flavour.

I can safely say that this is an above average lollipop; I can't say however that it's worth what I paid for it.