Fla-Ver "Lime Chipotle"

Creative Concepts

There are two flavours mentioned on this package, Lime and Chipotle. These are two flavours that have worked well together for centuries. If you research the history of Mexican cooking, you will find that these two ingredients have been used together for a very long time. Even the package alludes to the Mexican heritage with the words "feisty yet friendly fiesta”. The thing you have to think about is why do these two flavours work so well together. My theory is that the sour of the lime, followed by the sweet of the lime, both mix very well with the slight heat of the chipotle. If you take either the sweet or the sour out of the equation, it doesn't work.

This is the problem with this treat. It's sweet, and slightly spicy, but there's no sour at all. The lime flavour just doesn't work in this candy because it's missing this vital taste sensation. When you put one of these candies in your mouth all you get is a sweet citrus, but not like an orange. It tastes like a citrus that I've never tried before, and one that I'm not really interested in trying again. It has a slight lime flavour, but without the sour it's just not the same.

The sweet is fairly good, and the spice is a wonderfully mellow spice that doesn't burn your mouth off. I’m not a big fan of spicy food, but this really worked well for me. The balance is there for the sweet and spicy, but there just isn't enough sour.

Suck Time: 2 to 5 minutes