November 2022

Pop-Tarts "Froot Loops"


I need to straighten one thing out before I continue this review. I realize that there may be an argument as to whether or not Pop-Tarts are candy, and if they should be reviewed on this site. For the most part I would say no, I say this because for the most part they’re sold exclusively in boxes as a snack food. The difference here is how I found these Pop-Tarts, and how I’m starting to see Pop-Tarts more and more, and that’s as individual packages sold in the candy isle. This would then put them more in the category of Twinkies or Little Debbie's cakes, which I consider to be a kind of candy. It’s all a little grey, but I’ve decided to post this review and see what happens. It could be that this is my one and only Pop-Tart review, or we might see many more in the future.

For the one Pop-Tart review I’ve decided to do, I’ve picked a weird one. The minute you open the package it just seems like a really weird Pop-Tart. Rather than put Froot Loops or even pieces of Froot Loops in the icing, there appears to be some kind of picture printed on the icing. One of the Pop-Tarts features a picture of Froot Loops cereal, and the other has a picture of Toucan Sam. Both are really weird things to find printed on a dessert pastry. I’m also baffled as to why they just didn’t put crumbled up Froot Loops in the icing.

The second weird thing is the flavour of these Pop-Tarts. When I opened the package all I could smell was Froot Loops, when I toasted them the smell got even stronger. Then when I bit into them I got a sudden blast of Froot Loops, followed by a lingering lemon flavour. The more I ate the more I realized that the lemon flavour is the Froot Loops flavour. While I don’t have a box of Froot Loops with me right now, I’m starting to think that maybe Froot Loops are just mostly lemon flavoured. Could this be true?

This may be the last time I ever review a Pop-Tart on this site, but I think it was worth it. I just had to get out some of the weird things I found about this Froot Loops themed treat. If you’ve never had a Pop-Tart or a bowl of Froot Loops before, I really wouldn’t recommend these at all. If you’re a fan of both, it’s going to get really weird.