Ice Breakers Frost "Wintercool"


Do you like your mouth to feel so ridiculously cold that if you take a small sip of water in the next half hour your teeth will hurt? Is this your idea of fun? If so, these strong little mints are really right up your alley. They're round, and they're really, really cold. The name "Wintercool" isn't lost on me at all after eating one of these.

The thing is, I'm not really sure why people enjoy this feeling. I don't hate it, but I rarely seek it out. I think it gives people the sensation that their breath is better, but I'm not sure that my breath really is. At the very least I guess I could say that my breath might be better for a few seconds after eating one of these mints, however I'm fairly certain that a few minutes after the coolness is gone my breath stinks once again. I guess that's the plan, to make you feel like you have to keep popping these over and over again, thus eating more mints.

I guess I can't complain too much about these mints specifically. As far as mints go, they taste fine, and they do leave your mouth cool for a little while. I guess my grief is with the whole "mint idea" in the first place.