Due to the difficulty in translating this package, I'm going to have to split this revue into two parts. The problem with the package is I'm not sure if I'm supposed to eat these cold, or if they're just representing a dessert that is cold. The dessert they're emanating (either way) is something called "Shirokuma", a frozen dessert covered in gummies and some kind of crunchy treats. Most often this dessert is decorated to look like a polar bear (I know, Japanese food is weird). In this case the treat is a white chocolate square, filled with little gummies, with one crunchy thing in the middle.

For the first part of this review I'm going to talk about eating them at room temperature. The idea of filling chocolate (white, milk, or dark) with strange things has become very trendy these days, so the gummies weren't that strange to me at all. The white chocolate is smooth and creamy, and the flavour of the gummies is almost non-existent, but they do give these a little bit of a chewy texture. The strange thing in this treat is the cookie like centre. It too doesn't have much of a flavour, but the texture is rather surprising when you're not expecting it. The centrepiece appears to be a candy-coated cookie bit, and it adds another strange texture.

Now for the second part of this review, I'm going to look at what happens when you eat these cold, right out of the refrigerator. Frankly I can't really taste any difference at all. Other than the slight chill, they're exactly the same as the warm versions. Even the jellies don't seem to be affected by the cold at all. It's almost a little strange, you'd expect there to be some difference, good or bad.

There’s a lot to unpack with these Chirokuma treats. While I wasn’t a huge fan of this treat, it has inspired me to try the full on dessert version.