Allsorts "Fruity Flavoured Without Licorice"


Before I was the Candy Critic, before the Internet existed, I was a kid. I was a kid with a mother who loved licorice Allsorts. I was also a kid that hated licorice, and I'm pretty sure my mother knew this. That's why she would buy bags and bags of licorice Allsorts knowing that I wouldn't touch them. On a few occasions I would pick out the sandwich Allsorts and peel out the licorice centre, but for the most part I wouldn't touch them. You can only imagine how happy I was when I discovered that Beacon made a bag of Allsorts, minus the licorice.

I thought that this would be the answer to a childhood trauma my mother dealt me. Finally, I could enjoy Allsorts because there was no licorice. Unfortunately, this wasn't really what would happen.

The thing I liked about the classic licorice Allsorts, or at the very least the non-licorice parts I'd eaten, was the subtly of the sweet flavour. It didn't blow away your taste buds at all. They had flavours, but they were subtle I’m assuming to blend well with the licorice. These fruit flavoured Allsorts are not subtle at all. The minute I opened the bag I was bombarded with fake fruit scents. Not only were the usually non-licorice parts overly flavoured, but the red fruity licorice was pretty extreme as well. It's just too much. The only thing these have in common with licorice Allsorts is the basic look and texture. It's not just minus the black licorice, it's something else entirely.

So how could you make these fruity Allsorts work? It's simple, take the classic licorice Allsorts, take out the black licorice, and add a very subtle red licorice. Not one of those strong fruit flavoured red licorices, just the classic red Twizzlers flavour.