April 2023






Galaxy Flutes


I have two important points to make about this treat. The first point is the reason I referred to this as a “treat”. I had a hard time trying to figure out if this is a candy bar or a cookie. It’s become a sore spot for some people, and even a legal battle for some brands. When we look at candy bars it can be very difficult to define them as a cookie or a candy. These Flutes are the perfect example of a treat that falls very much in the centre between these two definitions. Even as I write this my mind keeps going back and forth between telling you that this is either a cookie or a candy.

The other point I wanted to make about this bar is somewhat relate to the same subject, and that is the fact that this bar might be too much. I’m a big fan of this style of tube cookie. For several years of my life they were a Christmas tradition in my house (now it’s Toffifee, but that’s another post for later). What these Galaxy Flutes do is take those simple tube cookies filled with chocolate and push it towards the candy bar side. They achieve this by coating with a layer of milk chocolate.

What I’m getting at is that I’m not certain that we needed more for these tube style cookies. The fairly thick chocolate coating is thick but more importantly seems to contrast the darker chocolate filling. Let me say it this way, these Flutes are really good, maybe even too good. They might be a little too decadent for some. This decadence does come with a price, and that’s sticky fingers. I happened to eat my Galaxy Flutes on a warm day and the outer milk chocolate coating was extremely melted.

This cookie would have been just fine if it was just a tube filled with a high quality Galaxy chocolate filling. I feel like the coating on the outside buried the cookie flavour a bit, and made them very messy. Don’t get me wrong, I love decadence, but not all the time. These cookies/candies are great, but I have to be expecting something very heavy and full of tasty chocolate.