Glee Gum "Bubblegum Flavour"


The selling feature of this gum comes from the fact that it’s natural. You may be wondering what’s natural about any chewing gum, but with a little historical research you can learn that people have been chewing tasty bits for a long time. I’ve tasted a few of these ancient chewing gums, some are really tasty, and some are horrible. The one thing most of them have in common is the consistency. Most “traditional” chewing gums aren’t nearly as soft as the stuff you find on most store shelves.

Glee gum, because it’s made of natural ingredients, also has a much harder texture. Don’t get me wrong, this hard texture is not unpleasant, it’s not like stale gum. Instead it’s a gum that doesn’t get slimy, it has give but it doesn’t turn into a chewy sludge. The flavour of Glee gum is very subtle, and even thought bubble gum flavour is a purely synthesized flavour; it still has a natural feeling about it.

The one big problem with this gum in stamina. While I say that the chew time is about 7 minutes, really the flavour starts dying around minute 3. The flavour is only the first thing to go on this gum as well, after about 5 or 6 minutes the texture starts to become uncomfortably hard. The really nice slightly hard texture gives way to a jaw-hurting chew rather quickly. This treat would be great if it lasted for 15 or 20 minutes instead of just 7.

Chew Time: About 7 minutes