November 2023







Choco Rocks "Gold Boulders"

Kimmie Candy Company

The thing that makes these unique is also the thing that makes these really hard to eat. Maybe the word “hard” isn’t a good choice, I’ll change that to challenging. The difference between these two definitions comes from the amount of fun I had getting over the obstacle. I didn’t have a bad time getting through this candy, but it wasn’t east. The challenge is the sheer size and density of each of these chocolate rocks. While by definition I don’t think you could describe these as boulder size, compared to the classic chocolate rocks they are huge, about the size of a golf ball.

These are literally giant versions of the classic chocolate rocks, only covered in gold. The candy shell is the same thickness that you find on chocolate rocks, about the same thickness as an M&M. The difference comes from the fact that it’s a whole lot of solid chocolate in the middle. I take pretty big bites, and it still took me 5 or 6 bites to get through this. My teeth also had to work pretty hard to get through the first few bites. I could really only go through one boulder per sitting because my jaw and teeth were a little sore after eating them.

I actually enjoyed eating this treat. In large part it’s because the chocolate is pretty good quality. The fact that it kind of looks like a large gold nugget also makes it kind of fun. I don’t think anyone would define this as their favourite candy, I feel like it’s a bit of a novelty treat instead. The thing is, most novelty treats don’t really deliver on the treat part and focus more on the novelty. These however delivered a fine treat and a fun novelty.

It’s a giant lump of chocolate, but it’s a tasty lump too.