Grape Whistle Candy & Toy


As a novelty or toy this treat is pretty fun and clever, as a treat it's not that great at all. As you can see by the name of this treat, each one of these strange grape flavoured rings is a whistle. The sound that they make is a fairly high-pitched squeak that is sure to make any dog in your neighbourhood go nuts. The little box at the bottom of the package contains a toy. My toy was a strange little yellow plastic man with small spikes all over him. I'm sure I can use him to attack any miniature cities I build in the future, and then use the whistle to call for help.

As a candy, it's fairly disappointing. It's a compressed powder candy with a hint of grape flavour. The grape flavour is very fake, and could have been improved with a little sour aftertaste. The shape of these also makes the candy disappointing since each one of these round treats is hollow. I imagine the hollow interior has something to do with making the whistle work properly. Because this treat is hollow, it pretty much collapses into nothing when you bite into it, so it's not a very satisfying texture at all.

While I'm sure some kids might get a kick out of making annoying high-pitched whistle sounds, I was pretty bored with it after only a few minutes. The little plastic man will sit on my toy shelf awaiting the construction of the little plastic city I plan to build for him to destroy. It's not a great treat, but it is a cheesy little novelty that some people might enjoy.