Life Savers "Gummies"


You really have to wonder who came up with this idea of taking an already popular hard candy and turning it into a gummy. In the candy world these two sweets are pretty much on the opposite side of the spectrum, texture wise at least. It not that this is a bad idea, it’s just a strange one. I imagine that this is the result of a meting in the management at the Life Savers candy company. Someone might have said that Life Savers are doing fine, but they wanted to grab the “younger generation”. So, what are all the kids eating today. The answer is gummies, so they figured that turning their classic hard candy into a soft gummy would be the way to hook the kids while they’re young.

Having said that, these gummies are all right. Fortunately, the flavour of the classic assorted Life Savers package seems to transfer over to the gummy world fairly well. The flavours offered are not only classic Life Savers flavours, but they’re also classic gummy flavours as well. While this certainly doesn’t create anything revolutionary, at least it makes sense. Not that I wouldn’t mind seeing the folks at Life Savers take a few chances. I’m thinking of a Butter Rum or Wint-O-Fresh gummy might be fun to try at least once.

These gummies taste exactly like Life Savers but with all the gummy fun. They’re nothing revolutionary, but they do the job they’re supposed to do. I guess this means that the kids will be eating Life Savers from the age of 3 to 93.