Extreme Gummy Cola


I've had a few gummy cola candies in my life, some are better than others, but when I saw "Extreme" on the bulk bin containing these gummies, I couldn't resist. How could they be extreme, what could make them more interesting or intense than other gummy colas? The answer is simple, nothing. In fact, there are only two differences between these gummy colas and the best gummy colas I've ever tried before. First of all, they have green tops, and secondly they're not nearly as tasty.

I've had other gummy cola candies with a much stronger flavour, other gummy colas also gave me a sensation of fizzing, these did neither. These gummies do have a cola flavour, but it's really washed out. I get the feeling that these gummies are extreme in name only. Nothing is more disappointing than thinking you're going to get something great, only to be let down way below even the regular standards.

So how could they have made a gummy cola extreme? I think lemon would be the first place to go. Why not give these cola gummies a tart lemon twist, sour enough to pucker your face? The best way to deliver this would be to use the green gummy tops as the place where the lemon flavour comes out, and have the bottom cola portion be the sweet to cool down the sour. I also think that giving these a fizzy powder exterior would have made it a lot more cola like. If you delivered a slightly tart fizzy cola with a really strong flavour that would be extreme.

All I can say is I'm disappointed; there's nothing extreme about these at all.