Gummy Lips


I never gave it much thought but I was a really strange kid. I say this because when I was a little kid I liked taking these gummy lips and pressing them against my lips pretending they where mine. These lips would make even the least collagen filled LA girl jealous and here I am an 8 year old boy strutting my puffy red-hot lips.

As gummies go these lips fall under the not so chewy category, but more of a sticky category. If I was to think about it traditionally one might say that it takes its influence from one of the earliest forms of gummy, Turkish delight. They don't really have the same feel that one might find in a gummy bear and when you chew these lips up they tend to get stuck in your teeth. This really isn't my favourite type of gummy to be honest because of the sticky factor, I prefer not to find bits of gummy stuck to my teeth that evening when brushing my teeth.

This sticky consistency also creates some problems for me with the flavour. It's a fairly potent cinnamon flavour, so when it gets stuck in your teeth occasionally you come across a bit a few hours later and the flavour is kind of shocking. I'm still trying to figure out why cinnamon treats are always so spicy and so powerful; I really think that a subtle cinnamon flavour would be really nice. After all many chefs tend to use small amounts of the spice in order to control the strong flavour.

This classic is ok, but I can really only eat a few at a time till my tongue is craving some kind of cool satisfaction.